Rice Pudding with Short Bread Snow top shot

A simple thing like Rice Pudding

Why a recipe for rice pudding? Well, a while ago, I have been at a pottery store opening with the kids, where my son and myself had the chance to craft our own ceramic bowl. Sure, not the most difficult way, but still handmade. After we left, we were told to come by a few days later to collect the baked bowls, but you know time goes by and a few days have been weeks now. As the week the birthday celebrations of my oldest son took place, I was reminded of the bowl and finally brought it home.

All for the kids

So, when the little man got his own self-made bowl, I was thinking of the ideal dish to fill it with and here we are now: rice pudding with shortbread snow it should be to give it a certain twist without loosing it’s heritage. The boys always ask for this at least once a week and usually we have it with liquid brown butter and cinnamon sugar on top…no questions asked, that it is one of their favorite dishes. The kids just love it…happy birthday Jasper.

Short Bread
Short Bread games
Short Bread Snow preparation
grinding Short Bread Snow

Rice Pudding & Shortbread Snow

For 2 persons

For the Short bread Snow:

125 g Butter
20 g Sugar
70 g Shortbread
Salt to taste

For the Rice Pudding:

10 g Butter
100 g Short-Grain Rice
550 ml Milk
20 g Sugar
1/2 Vanilla Bean
1 cl Licor 43
Peel of 1/4 organic Lemon
Salt to taste

1. For the shortbread snow crush the shortbread and heat up the 125g of butter until brown and strain it through a kitchen towel afterwards. Mix butter and all other ingredients and season with and salt. Now press the mix into a squared mold (small gratin pan) with foil and deep-freeze.

2. For the rice pudding melt the 10g of butter and sauté the rice, pour liqueur 43 onto the butter-rice mix and add the milk. Then add vanilla bean, lemon peel and salt. Cook the rice while stirring at times and season with sugar.

3. To serve take the shortbread out of the freezer and grate the shortbread on top of the lukewarm rice pudding.

Rice Pudding ingredients

Milchreis & Butterkeksschnee

Für 2 Personen

Für den Butterkekschnee:

125 g Butter
20 g Zucker
70 g Butterkekse
Salz nach belieben

Für den Milchreis:

10 g Butter
100 g Rundkornreis
550 ml Milch
20 g Zucker
1/2 Vanilleschote
1 cl Licor 43
abgeriebene Schale von 1/4 Bio- Zitrone
Salz nach belieben

1. Für den Butterkeksschnee die Kekse zerbröseln und die 125g Butter erhitzen bis sie braun ist, dann durch ein mit Küchenpapier ausgelegtes Sieb passieren. Nun alles vermengen und schmecke mit Salz abschmecken. Den Mix in eine kleine, viereckige Auflaufform mit Folie pressen und den Gefrierschrank stellen.

2. Für den Milchreis die 10g Butter in einem Topf schmelzen und den Reis zugeben, dann den Butter-Reis-Mix mit Licor 43 ablöschen und die Milch zugeben. Nun Zitronenabrieb, Vanilleschote und Salz beigeben. Den Reis unter gelegentlichem Rühren bei geringer Hitze kochen und im Anschluss mit Zucker und Salz abschmecken

3. Zum Servieren den Keksblock aus dem Gefrierschrank nehmen und mit einer Reibe über den lauwarmem Milchreis hobeln.

Rice Pudding with Short Bread Snow top shot

Ben Donath

Ben was born in 1980 and got first involved in the culinary industry at only 16 years old. He loves to cook simple yet in a distinctive way, traditional but contemporary with a strong focus on quality. His passion for photography made him start Eatery Berlin in 2016...ever since Ben hopes to inspire others through his work.

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