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German Cuisine…no more or less

…this is how the owners Duc Anh Tran and Igor Gerinas describe their restaurant on Berlin´s Oranienburger Str. 38 in a few words.

I guess most of you might get the context between the name and address and as simple as that the flair of their restaurant was planned two years ago. Igor with his Russian roots met Duc in the first place when being a regular guest in his Italian Restaurant Salumeria Rosa. Coming from the construction industry you would not necessarily estimate a guy like Igor opening a restaurant. Neither would you expect the born Vietnamese Duc to go for a traditional German restaurant one might say now. But to tell you the truth they not just did it and made their visions come true furthermore they created a place to feel at home. Duc is living the host mentality in every possible way making guests become friends right after they entered the door.

The Concept

Because of Igor´s business background the empty space was recognized already two years ago. That was when both of them got connected with one having the gastronomic know how and the other being able to bring the project to life construction wise. Duc and Igor enjoy good and honest food. „German cuisine is not only sauerkraut and ham hock but so much more than that“ they say. The goal was to come up with a modern German cuisine which might be influenced by both of their Vietnamese or Russian background here and there. It should be affordable and a place where you like to bring your mom to or your first date. A place to relax, talk, have a drink and of course a good meal. Overall guests have to feel at home, Duc says.

duc achtunddreissig


The man in charge of pots and pans is Stefan Schaarschmidt. Born in Chemnitz he found his way to the capital already years ago. Coming from Grand Hyatt Berlin, Stefan knows how to satisfy culinary needs and brings in an enormous experience. He is a down to earth kind of person who truly enjoys cooking. Together with Duc they sit down a lot and think about good food, new menus or specials to offer their customers. The menu changes sometime every second month to go with the season of course. Some signature dishes will stay on the menu though as the Tatar or Wiener Schnitzel for example. „Some dishes we just can not remove“ they say. After having tried all photographed dishes I can honestly confirm this. Find the current menu here.

stefan achtunddreissig

Products and ingredients being used in the restaurant are market fresh and bought from a variety of local suppliers. „In our cooking we consciously renounce expensive products in order to offer fair prices. Also we want to cook with ingredients everybody is able to consume“ Duc says. So they show us a quite transparent way of gastronomy I think. A fair and good way to a good meal. The wine offered at acht&dreissig is of course German. Wine makers from all over the country are represented and will be included in future „winemakers battles“. So stay tuned on this one.

wiener schnitzel

Look & Feel

This restaurant is no insider nor is it something Duc and Igor wanted in the first place. Their restaurant might have some stains, so what? „This makes us realistic“ they say. These restaurateurs are not hunting for the newest food trends, they simply want to reflect their habitat and the way they think it can be transported into 2016. The open kitchen was only one point on being honest with their guests. The materials used for the interior are simple and welcoming. Igor says this is something he really focused on while planning the place. Duc wanted to go even further with the service and bar area being included in the middle of the guest room. „The big table should reflect how you sit with us as at home“ so Duc, it makes it really authentic. No hidden spots…what you see is what you get.


My Thoughts

Restaurant acht&dreissig is a place I can recommend to everybody who likes German cooking. For everybody who enjoys a personal touch in a laid back atmosphere or simply somebody being hungry. A young and motivated team coming only from top gastronomy offers you a very natural way of  service here to comfort you all the way. So do not be surprised when your order is taken by a „friend“. The very fair prices vary from €7.00 – €10.00 during lunch and €5.00 – €26.00 for dinner. Restaurant acht&dreissig is definitely a place to go to more than once.


Oranienburger Straße 38
10117 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0) 30 374 65031



Montag bis Freitag
von 12:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr

Samstag und Sonntag
von 17:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr