A Dinner Par Excellence – Die Kunst des klugen Essens

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Berlin Food Week 2016 – The Dinner

To celebrate the final dinner at Miele Gallery Berlin during the food week 2016, we had the chance to take over for one really special evening. We, that are Steffen Sinzinger and me, of course had helping hands too. Not to forget all the really generous partners on board. They enabled us to transform this idea into reality. So when Steffen came up with the question of joining him, I did not hesitate at all to confirm my participation.

„Die Kunst des klugen Essens“ – The art of clever eating

…was the theme of our dinner. Steffen previously thought a lot about outer influences on how we experience food. Sounds, colors, smells & presentation are just a few to name. These factors lead us to different ways of cognition. So if we change a bit on one and might amplify the other, the outcome will be a different story. A really interesting point of view on which Melanie Mühl and Diana von Kopp wrote the Book on. These two ladies joined us and our guests to enhance everybody with their stories.

event-fotos-miele-gallery-dinner-25 miele dinner 1 event-fotos-miele-gallery-dinner-26

Raumfeld Sounds

As mentioned above there is one factor that enables us to respond very emotional. In this case it would be things we hear. Not necessarily music but noises or sounds of surroundings and this is where we set another focus for our dinner. We wanted to create an atmosphere that allowed the guests to taste, see, hear and even feel. For example imagine a said movie without music in the background. It would just be half as emotional as it would be with music.

miele dinner 9 miele dinner 5

So sense with the ears was a theme for us too. We of course were not able to do so with our phones plugged into a mobile speaker. That was when Raumfeld fortunately took over. Raumfeld is an audio soft- and hardware supplier that wants, like us, to create emotions through audio. They offer a unique and intuitive to use technology that helps you to enjoy music in every room of your home. So we placed a few speakers around the table and were eventually able to transport the sounds in a magnificent way.

Party Rent to plate our vision

As the eye has a huge impact on how we imagine taste before we even lead the food to our mouth, we had to have a base for it. Sure not simply a plate rather than a kind of stage for the protagonist. For us Party Rent was just a great choice. This big company, a specialist in supporting caterers, hotels and restaurants to realize their projects. Party Rent offers everything from glass- and chinaware, cutlery, interior to even decorational stuff. We were able to use Hering chinaware, Zwiesel glasses, Eternum cutlery and even the tree bark for the decoration. So all set with the surroundings we took of to a great evening.

miele dinner 2 miele dinner 18 miele dinner 26


The Menu

Champagne & Snack
Tuna Pizza • Sot l`y laisse & Green Asparagus, Lemon and Quinoa  • Cauliflower Soup

Pommery Royal Blue Sky

 „Morning Dew“

Boar & Beef • Wild Herbs • Mushrooms • Pumpernickel • Cranberry

BRLO Pale Ale


Celery • Egg Yolk • Apple • Truffle • Walnut

Apple-Cider, van Nahmen

 „A Day At The Sea“

Turbot & Mussels, Octopus • Passe Pierre • Barigoule Vegetables • Saffron

Chardonnay Sur Lie

 „Japanese Pure“

Calpico Sorbet • Sparkling Sake • Rice Cracker

 „Meat with Sauce“

Entrecôte • Mustard Seed Jus • Black Garlic • Romaine Lettuce • Parsley

Bourgogne Pinot Noir AOC


Brioche Creme • Plum • Almond Brittle • Honeycomb • Brown Butter • Yeast

Thomas Barton Reservé „Sauternes“

 „Petit Fours

Macarons • Chocolate-Bacon Leaves • Haselnut Dacquoise with Coffee Custard

As you see we offered a variation of corresponding liquids to each course. These together with the food and surroundings made the menu quite entertaining. We enjoyed the range of the served items as much as the guests did and were very curious on the reactions prior to the event.

The dinner in detail

Champagne & Snack

Pommery Royal Blue Sky

Since the first impression counts it was a phenomenal opening having Pommery Royal Blue Sky on board. We very much liked the modern idea this champagne of Vranken Pommery is recommended to be enjoyed. In this case and against all tradition this blue blood should be drunk on the rocks. The fresh and fruity champagne was just a perfect match to our traditional named yet modern presented snacks. What a start of temperatures and textures. All participants were now in the right mood and curious on what should be happening next.

tuna pizza chicken, lemon, asparagus & quinoa snacks

miele dinner 16 miele dinner 23

„Morning Dew“

BRLO Pale Ale

This course was our plated way of how we thought to implement a morning forest hike into flavors. There has been a beef tatar and boar dry-cured ham, we received from Richard´s Wild as the main parts. Guido Richard as a former chef just knows from own experiences what chefs expect of quality meat. Furthermore we served cranberry gel, wild herbs & pumpernickel in two textures with pickled mushrooms. While one part of this course was already implemented in the table decoration, we added fog and sounds from the wood to make it all multi sensory. Imagine everything being quiet, where usually music is played. So you hear a few birds, the wind blowing into trees and you suddenly recognize your decoration is meant to be eaten. That is where we got to the core of our dinner.

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We decided to serve a simple and beautiful BRLO Pale Ale with it. Why not go for a beer with rustic flavors and try out other than wine for a sophisticated dinner. Perfect match for us.

miele dinner 13 miele dinner 27 miele dinner 12


Apple-Cider, van Nahmen

Next one was a very sensual dish including celery at its best. We served baked celery root with blanched, walnut filled celery. To top things up a poached egg yolk was served and fresh truffle from our supplier of choice was grated over the hole combination. Massimo is delivering top gastronomy with these fine bulbs. Meanwhile the glasses of all guests were filled with an Apple-Cider from van Nahmen. This German apple manufactory was selected for the 3rd course and was just enhancing the celery & apple play of flavors.

celery miele dinner 11

 „A Day At The Sea“

Chardonnay Sur Lie, Dani de Wet

While reading the title you possibly can already imagine the next plate. We kind of went similar ways as in the beginning. We stopped the music and the sounds of breaking waves and blowing wind got to the ears of everybody. Additional the menu service took place, leaving guests and us to the flavors of turbot, mussels, octopus & saffron. While closing your eyes the sand between the toes was literally possible to be felt. Sure this light and sea salty dish needed a classic companion too. In this case we decided on the beautiful Chardonnay Sur Lie.

miele dinner 7 a day at the sea

To come up with all this beautiful seafood we were supported by Deutsche See. This company is well known for prime quality when it comes to products the sea delivers to us. We felt very fortunate to be able to come up with all this delicious food to be presented on our plates.

„Japanese Pure“

Sparkling Sake, Gekkeikan Sake Company Kyoto

Tiny but wow. This little „mouth wash“ was made to enable the guests mouth for the next courses. We made a refreshing calpico sorbet, poured some chilled sparkling sake on it and added a rice cracker with some coriander cress. This was pure freshness in between. Clean and simple as the title says.

japanese pure miele dinner 6

 „Meat with Sauce“

Bourgogne Pinot Noir AOC

MEATing time it was and our guests got served again. This time with a delicious slice of entrecôte. The meat was combined with a parsley cream, black garlic mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, corn & mustard seed jus. In this course we consciously focused on classic and good flavors. You do not always have to reconstruct or come up with new recipes. Tradition got its place in our cooking which we clearly wanted to show in this dish. Wine wise the pinot noir was a great choice and again all in total it was a very satisfying dish.

miele dinner 3 meat with sauce

miele dinner 2 miele dinner 21


& Petit Fours

Thomas Barton Reservé „Sauternes“

Bienenstich is a classic cake I truly love. It is as simple as it sounds: fluffy yeast dough, vanilla custard and crispy almond brittle. The original appearance is rather rustic but rewards in taste are guaranteed. What we did was taking the original flavors but mixing them up in consistency. This led us to yeast ice cream, brioche cream, almond leaves, honeycomb and some chocolate plums. A beautiful finish on the plate to be only increased with the gorgeous and golden shining Sauternes by Thomas Barton of Vranken Pommery.  Both the start and the end were supported by this traditional company and made our reception and dessert even better. The Sauternes with its flavors of honey, almonds and apricots was taking on the ones of the dessert to even amplify them. The result was a blast.



We thought a lot about all the details a long time before and it was more than just a job for us. It has been a thrilling dinner for Steffen and me. We enjoyed to see everybody having a good time and received great feedback. In order to create a memory for each attendant we really wanted to present fine food, excellent drinks and a great atmosphere. Looking back we might have  eventually done so.
I want to thank Steffen for taking me on this journey and his great enthusiasm towards our project. It was honestly a great night and I was proud to be a part of it.

miele dinner 19

miele dinner 14 miele dinner 4 miele dinner 25

portrait Steffen and I

Photos by pixel and dot photography