nuts, quark & linseed oil top

A beautiful dessert with a familiar taste

Imagine granola, cheesecake and toffee on one plate. The result is a synergy of textures and temperatures. What I really like about this recipe is, that it has a really old heritage and the taste reminds me of my childhood and my grandparents. In total a plate of emotions. Earlier these days when there have been no fridges one tried to preserve dairy products using the linseed oil. In my childhood I was not to keen on this oil because of its bitterness. Nowadays though I really enjoy it, especially with quark.

the idea

As a few might have seen, I had the chance to do some show cooking at this year´s IFA in the Siemens IQ 500 trend kitchen. I had different topics each day, such as German superfood. What was that all about? Well, actually I wanted to interpret good and precious local ingredients in a simple and delicious way.

The first ideas were about nuts, herbs and oils and so I slowly came across the linseed oil again. As I love to combine it with dairy products in some of my recipes lately, my thoughts went towards this combination but not knowing how to actually present it. My recipes usually include crunchy and creamy textures to give each dish an interesting experience while eating it. At this point the nut mix of sunflower, pumpkin and pine nut seeds came into the game. And there you go…we have all we need on a plate and the preparation is done in no time with no needed skills.

better than expected

I got to admit that even I was surprised how good these apples, the quark and nuts match with the bitter linseed oil. It was already late at night during the week, when I did the first draft and I did not have to change one thing. So I was standing in my kitchen eating the whole plate close to midnight. Well sometimes it does not require much to be touched by a good taste. So try it out yourself…take a pan and cook some apples, mix the quark and put it into an Isi bottle and roast some nuts while doing so. I promise this is one of the fastest treats to present yourself or your guests.

caramelized nuts close
caramelized apples top
linseed oil & sour cream

Caramelized Nuts, Quark & Linseed Oil

for 4 persons 


75 g mixed Nuts
1 tsp Honey
1 tsp Agave Syrup
Salt to flavor 


250 g Quark
20 g Cream
50 ml Milk
30 g Sugar
Salt & Lemon Juice to flavor
1 Co2-Capsule


2 Apples
20 g Sugar
1 tsp Butter
1/2 pc Vanilla Bean
Salt & Lemon to flavor 


2 tbsp Linseed Oil 

1. For the caramelized nuts, mix all the ingredients and empty them on a baking sheet with paper. Now caramelize them at 190° for 8 – 10 min. until golden-brown. Leave to cool down until serving.

2. For the quark, mix all ingredients until smooth. Flavor with salt and lemon juice and fill it in an Isi bottle. Close it, fill in one capsule of CO2 and shake it upside down for a few seconds. Leave the bottle in the fridge until serving.

3. For the apples, peel them, remove the seeds and cut them in disired slices. Melt the sugar in a pan until it is caramelized and deglaze with the butter. Now add the apples to caramelize them. Flavor everything with salt, lemon and vanilla and leave the apples to cook at low heat for 3 – 5 min.

4. To serve, arrange some apple slices with sauce on a plate and sprinkle some nuts on top. Now take the Isi bottle, shake it upside down and pipe some quark foam on the apples. To finish sprinkle some nuts and the linseed oil on top.

nuts, quark & linseed oil top close
nuts, quark & linseed oil vertical
nuts, quark & linseed oil vert right

Karamellisierte Kerne, Quark & Leinöl

für 4 Personen 


75 g Kernmix
1 TL Honig
1 TL Agavendicksaft
Salz nach Geschmack  


250 g Quark
20 g Sahne
50 ml Milch
30 g Zucker
Salz und Zitronensaft
1 Co2-Kapsel  


2 kleine Äpfel
20 g Zucker
1 TL Butter
1/2 Vanilleschote
Salz & Zitrone nach Geschmack 


2 EL Leinöl 

1. Die Kerne mit den restlichen Zutaten vermengen, auf einem Backblech mit Papier verteilen und im vorgeheizten Backofen bei 190° 8 – 10 Minuten karamellisieren. Danach bis zum Servieren zur Seite stellen.

2. Für den Quark, alle Zutaten miteinander glattrühren. Anschließend mit Zitrone nachschmecken und in eine Isi-Flasche geben. Diese verschließen, mit der Co2-Kapsel befüllen und einmal kopfüber schütteln. Bis zum Servieren kaltstellen.

3. Die Äpfel schälen, entkernen und in grobe Spalten schneiden. Den Zucker in einer Pfanne schmelzen, die Butter sowie Apfelspalten zugeben und karamellisieren. Anschließend den Saft und Abrieb einer Zitrone und die Vanille zugeben. Nun die Äpfel bei kleiner Hitze 3 – 5 Minuten garziehen lassen.

4. Die Apfelspalten auf einem Teller anrichten und ein paar der karamellisierten Kerne darüber geben. Danach die Siffon-Flasche erneut schütteln und etwas Quarkschaum auf die Äpfel dressieren. Zum Schluss mit den restlichen Kernen und etwas Leinöl vollenden.

nuts, quark & linseed oil top close
nuts, quark & linseed oil right
nuts, quark & linseed oil top

Ben Donath

Ben was born in 1980 and got first involved in the culinary industry at only 16 years old. He loves to cook simple yet in a distinctive way, traditional but contemporary with a strong focus on quality. His passion for photography made him start Eatery Berlin in 2016...ever since Ben hopes to inspire others through his work.

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