Bowl Stories

A long way...

a cookbook by Ben Donath

Writing a blog for me started as a chance to share what I love to do and can do best. It can lead into a wide spectrum of things from cooperations to exchange with other people of different backgrounds. In this case, it may lead into writing a book. Nine months ago, we found a mail in our inbox, asking if we were interested to write a cookbook based on the blog content. No question asked that we felt honored, surprised and so overwhelmed. It has just been four months, when the first post was published.

A long way

For sure at first for me it was hard to measure the impact this project would have on my life ever since. I knew there would have been some work to be done. We would do the cooking, photographing and writing all by ourselves. So we started off planning all the dishes we wanted to include in the book and received new tableware. Believe me that was such a tremendous time. After a while we discovered it was not only excitement, rather than hard work and discipline to keep up with the pace. Work to generate the private living, family and the book to top it all, really were a lot of weight on the shoulders.


…and now here I am, announcing my/our first cookbook Bowl Stories (hopefully not the last) and I can honestly say how proud I am, having done all this. It has been a time full of excitement and lowest lows, it has been a lot of new experiences as well as days of typing in recipes with absolutely no change. All in all, a borderline experience in every aspect and so well worth it. Knowing in a few months I can hold a printed version in my hands or maybe passing a book store with it in the window is just a really unreal thought. Though it feels very good to imagine.

What to expect?

Well it will be a indigenous book based on classic recipes with a twist into 2016. It is meant to find its place on the table of everybody’s home. A mother, who might want to surprise the family with a little different stuff or a single guy trying to fix a nice dinner for his first date, a gathering with friends or a quiet moment just for yourself. Food is just the ultimate way to touch people´s hearts and everyone needs a treat here and there. If you got interested, you can preorder through Amazon or teNeues.
and get in the pleasure of a really beautiful piece of cooking. For these international people of you, the book will be available in English or German.

Bowl Stories Book Cover

  • Bowl Stories features bowl-based meals you  can enjoy anywhere: on the couch, in bed,  sitting on the windowsill, or even at the table
  • Classic dishes with fun twists—a culture clash right in your bowl
  • Easy but sophisticated recipes that will inspire you to cook, add your own special touches,  and try new dishes

The motivations

Benjamin Donath and Viola Molzen decided to call their book Bowl Stories because eating out of bowls is not a passing fad, but a declaration of love for the food itself. The duo defines eating from a bowl, or even directly from the pot, as the ultimate pleasure. Eating from bowls is both practical and sensuous; all ingredients and components are nestled close to each other so it’s easy to have a bit of everything on your spoon.

Ben and Viola serve up classic dishes with a fun twist: Asian carbonara with pork belly, ayran Black Forest cake, and pea soup with nectarine yakitori or hay panna cotta. Marketing manager Viola, who loves food above all else, and pastry chef Ben, author of the food blog, find inspiration for their recipes from childhood memories, leftovers in the fridge, and of course, from their travels: to Turkey, Portugal, or a campground in Brandenburg.

Sneak preview