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According to tradition, the Pharisee originated on the North Frisian island of Nordstrand, in the 19th century. At that time there was the particularly ascetic pastor Georg Bleyer. For the Frisians, it was customary not to drink alcohol in his presence. At the baptism of the sixth or seventh child of the farmer Peter Johannsen they used a cunning and prepared the first mixed drink. The cream cap prevented the rum from evaporating in the hot coffee and the smelling of alcohol in the room. Of course, the pastor always got a „normal“ coffee with cream. Upon discovery, he is said to have exclaimed: „Oh, you Pharisees!“ And so the national drink of the North Frisians not only had its history, but also its name. The story of the drink was told in the 1970s by the North German music group Godewind in a song entitled Pharisee.


Basis of a Pharisee is strong, freshly brewed coffee, sweetened with sugar cubes and mixed with a good shot (about 4 cl) of brown rum (Jamaican rum or Jamaican blend with 54% vol.), Then whipped cream is added over it. A funny fact as I think, that shows peoples priorities is, that in 1981, the District Court of Flensburg has ruled in the so-called „Pharisee dispute“ that 2 cl of rum were not sufficient for a Pharisee. So be sure to be spiced up anytime you will enjoy this liquid. The Pharisee is usually not stirred, but drunk through the cream. Those who do not stick to it and still stir the drink can be asked to spend a local round. It is often served in a special Pharisee place setting, a tall cup-like cup with saucer.

Eatery Berlin´s Pharisee

I am actually not to far from the original (and there comes the but), besides my drink is enjoyed on the rocks and the Rum is only in the cream top. So what did I do? Thanks to my new iSi toys, I wanted to try out a rapid cold brew in only a fraction of the actually time needed. Imagine getting a craving for this drink and having to wait until the next day. Not gonna happen here. Anyways as the base worked out very yummy, I simply foamed the rum up and piped it on top. My conclusion: well it went down quite well and I poured myself a second glass, if that might answer it.


coffee grinder
isi rapid infusion
cold brew in a shaker and glass with ice & orange peel
cold brew in a shaker
cold brew

Frisian Pharisees Coffee

for 4 persons

Cold Brew Base:

7 tsp Coffee, rough ground
300 ml Mineral Water
2 tbsp Maple Syrup
iSi Rapid Infusion 0,5L
1 iSi Cream Charger

RumChata Foam:

100 ml RumChata
50 ml Milk
170 g Cream
Salt to flavor
1 iSi Cream Charger

1. For the base, just fill all ingredients into the iSi bottle with a Rapid Infusion top. Insert one cream charger and leave it to flavor in the fridge for at least one hour. Then release the gas and strain the base through a fine sieve. Put the base in the fridge until serving.

2. For the RumChata foam, mix all the ingredients together and fill it in an iSi bottle (0,5L). Screw the cream charger onto the bottle and shake it for 2 seconds.

3. To serve, take a piece of orange peel and flavor the edge of a tumbler, filled with ice. Shake the base with ice until nicely cold. Pour the base into the tumbler and pipe some of the RumChata foam on top.

4. Cheers!

"Pharisäer" top

Friesischer Pharisäer

für 4 Personen

Cold Brew Basis:

7 TL Kaffee, grob gemahlen
300 ml Mineralwasser
2 EL Ahorn Sirup
iSi Rapid Infusion 0,5L
1 iSi Sahnekapsel

RumChata Schaum:

100 ml RumChata
50 ml Milch
170 g Sahne
Salz nach Geschmack
1 iSi Sahnekapsel

1. Für die Basis, alle Zutaten in eine iSi Flasche füllen und einen Rapid Infusion Aufsatz verwenden. Nun eine Sahnekapsel aufschrauben und alles für mindestens 1 Stunde kalt stellen. Danach das Gas entweichen lassen und durch ein feines Sieb passieren. Den Mix bis zum servieren kalt stellen.

2. Für den RumChata Schaum, alle Zutaten verühren und in eine iSi Flasche (0,5L) füllen. Eine Sahnekapsel aufschrauben und kurz schütteln.

3. Zum Servieren, mit einem Stück Orangenschale den Rand eines mit Eis gefüllten Tumblers parfümieren. Die Cold Brew Basis auf Eis kalt shaken. Nun über das Eis geben und mit dem RumChata Schaum auftoppen.

4. Prost!

"Pharisäer" & shaker

Ben Donath

Ben was born in 1980 and got first involved in the culinary industry at only 16 years old. He loves to cook simple yet in a distinctive way, traditional but contemporary with a strong focus on quality. His passion for photography made him start Eatery Berlin in 2016...ever since Ben hopes to inspire others through his work.

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