egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, top shot

My light & tasty start into 2017

Hey everybody, it took me a while to get started since there has not been to much activity towards the end of last year. I think it is the same every January when one is trying to fulfill all the healthy purposes for the new year. I mean there is nothing wrong since we enjoy christmas and all the great food and treats that come up with it so we try to get a healthy start. Simple eating greens is just not enough for me, so I came up with this light and tasty recipe to ease your conscience without craving for deliciousness.

the combination

It is not quite spring and so seasonal veggies and fruits still have the taste of winter. Nevertheless we can still cook the easy and light way to make us feel spring from inside. I simply roasted some sweet potato with a little nut flavor, cinnamon and hot chili. This got accompanied by some pickled carrots and tangerine. To add some sauce to the whole thing, I skipped butter and cream to replace it by the yolk that would be a left over of the soufflé. All together a great rich yet light dish wich opens up the door to the next season.


sweet potato
spring onion
egg whites
egg soufflé

Egg Soufflé

For 2 Persons

Sweet Potato Sticks:

1 Sweet Potato
1 TBSP Walnut Oil
Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon, Chili Flakes


2 Carrots
1 Tangerine
1 TBSP Apple Vinegar
1 TBSP Walnut Oil
Salt, Sugar, Pepper

Egg Soufflé:

2 Eggs
1 Spring Onion
Salt, Pepper

1. For the sweet potato, wash it and cut it in 1cm slices then in 1cm sticks. Mix them with the oil and roast it at 220°C for 10-15 min. Once they are cooked flavor with the spices.

2. Peel the carrots and cut it in thin slices using a peeler. Cut the tangerine in filets and marinate both with vinegar, oil and spices until serving

3. For the soufflé wash the spring onion and cut it in fine rings. Cover two metal rings with aluminium foil and grease them. Now separate the yolks from the whites and keep them aside. Flavor the whites with salt and pepper, beat them until they are stiff and add half of the spring onions. Now fill the rings until half and add one yolk to each ring. Cover the yolks with the remaining whites and cook it for 2 min. in steam.

4. Arrange the egg soufflé with the sweet potato sticks and carrots and sprinkle remaining spring onions on top.

egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, top shot

Ei Soufflé

Für 2 Personen

Süßkartoffel Sticks:

1 Süßkartoffel
1 EL Walnussöl
Salz, Pfeffer, Zimt, Chiliflakes


2 Karotten
1 Mandarine
1 EL Apfelessig
1 EL Walnussöl
Salz, Zucker, Pfeffer

Ei Soufflé:

2 Eier
1 Frühlingszwiebel
Salz, Pfeffer

1. Für die Süßkartoffel, diese waschen und in 1cm breite Scheiben schneiden, dann in 1cm breite Sticks. Diese dann mit dem Öl vermengen und bei 220°C ca. 10-15 Min. rösten. Sind diese gegart, werden sie mit den Gewürzen abgeschmeckt.

2. Die Karotten schälen und mit dem Sparschäler in dünne Streifen schneiden. Die Mandarine in Filets schneiden. Nun beides mit Essig Öl und Gewürzen bis zum Anrichten marinieren.

3. Für das Soufflé die Frühlingszwiebel waschen und in dünne Ringe schneiden. Dann zwei Metallringe in Alufolie einschlagen und fetten. Nun die Eier trennen und das Eigelb aufbewahren. Das Eiweiss mit Salz und Pfeffer steif schlagen und die Hälfte der Frühlingszwiebel einrühren. Die Ringe mit etwas Eischnee befüllen und das Eigelb hinein legen, dann mit Eiweiss bedecken. Die Ringe im Wasserdampf 2 Min. garen.

4. Nun das Ei Soufflé mit den Süßkartoffelsticks und den Karotten anrichten. Dann mit der restlichen Frühlingszwiebel garnieren.

egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, top shot
egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, top shot vertical
egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, close up vertical
egg soufflé, sweet potato, carrot, close up

Ben Donath

Ben was born in 1980 and got first involved in the culinary industry at only 16 years old. He loves to cook simple yet in a distinctive way, traditional but contemporary with a strong focus on quality. His passion for photography made him start Eatery Berlin in 2016...ever since Ben hopes to inspire others through his work.

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