three glasses & Cucumber Lemonade

Cucumber to get inner cooling

Summer is knocking on our doors and Berlin soon will be boiling hot with temperatures going above 35°C and everybody will be trying to get a refreshment here and there, so what could be better than a homemade, ice-cold lemonade. Mine today is a cucumber lemonade with a touch of basil, ginger and lime. Last summer I was strolling around Hamburg, while on a visit. Usually Hamburg is a refreshment for itself, with a fair amount of chilly wind, but not this time. I had to level my blood temperature with loads of liquids, among others, different lemonades.

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At some point, I was trying a cucumber lemonade, even though I did a lot of cucumber desserts in the past, I was fairly surprised…voilà my idea for today´s lemonade was born. I find it so refreshing and tasty, with this juicy cucumber getting mixed with a slight scent of basil and being rounded up with the ginger. The fizzy water adds some strength to it and adding some Gin as well made it a perfect aperitif, to name just one direction you could go with this recipe. So get it on and enjoy this green & refreshing liquid yourself. What is your favorite lemonade?

Cucumber, Lime, Ginger & Basil on a board
Cucumber in a jug
straining Cucumber juice
three glasses

Cucumber Lemonade

For 4 persons

For the Lemonade:

2 Cucumbers
1 organic Lime
20 Basil Leaves
5 g grated Ginger
30 g Sugar
500 ml fizzy Water

1. For the lemonade peel the cucumbers and keep the peel. Cut it in chunks and add lime peel and juice, basil, ginger and sugar. Now blend everything. I was using my Vitamix Pro 750 and leave to flavor for 10 min. Add the fizzy water and strain everything without pressing. Now add the cucumber peel and put it into the fridge to cool down.

2. You can serve it with a little ginger, lime and cucumber peel or add some gin as a perfect aperitif.

pouring three glasses of Cucumber Lemonade

Gurken Limonade

Für 4 Personen

Für die Limonade:

2 Gurken
1 Bio-Limette
20 Basilikumblätter
5 g geriebener Ingwer
30 g Zucker
500 ml Mineralwasser, kohlensäurehaltig

1. Für die Limonade die Gurke schälen und die Schale bei Seite legen. Nun die Gurke in Stücke schneiden und Limettensaft und –abrieb, Basilikum, Ingwer und Zucker zugeben. Alles mit einem Mixer blenden, Ich habe meinen Vitamix Pro 750 benutzt, dann 10 Min. ziehen lassen. Dann das Mineralwasser zugeben und durch ein feines Sieb passieren. Jetzt die Gurkenschale zum Getränk zugeben und kalt stellen.

2. Serviert werden kann die Limonade mit ein wenig Ingwer, Limette und Gurkenschale; mit etwas Gin wird es zu einem perfekten Aperitif.

three glasses of Cucumber Lemonade
taking a glass of Cucumber Lemonade
three glasses & Cucumber Lemonade

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