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Baklava – to decelerate

This year was a very busy start for me, having very cool but also very busy projects on the table. Looking back, I was only focussed on these things leaving a lot of important things aside. One of them was my cooking and so it had to be a new blog post now to get back on track. This recipe does not require much technical cooking experience rather being a meditation. Doing so, you can see your result slowly growing and just daydream away…the perfect thing to do for me at this stage.

Love at second sight

To be honest with you, I was not a huge fan of this Turkish treat until my visit to Istanbul a few years ago. It was only then, I discovered all the colorful bakery stores with a huge variety of typical treats. You could go there at night and enjoy a fresh Kunefe with ice cream, oh I was and still am so into it. Sure one can only be able to have a few of these very heavy and sweet treats, but it is about quality and not quantity, ey?

Calories guaranteed

When fixing myself a homemade baklava, I always do my slightly „lighter“ interpretation of it (if one can even call it light:-)) and therefore not using as much sugar or the strong rose water. In the end it is still massive but nevertheless, I will eat it all. The texture and spiciness are just too tempting. So let the sun shine in your kitchen and fix yourself a treat to remember.

filo dough
nut mix
homemade baklava in the making
baklava before baking
soaking homemade baklava in baking pan with syrup


For 6 persons


12 Yufka Sheets
200 g  Butter
150 g Walnuts
150 g Hazelnuts
1 tsp Cinnamon
½ tsp ground Cardamom
½ tsp ground Staranise


200 g Sugar
200 ml Water
40 ml Orange Juice
¼ Orange Peel
½ Lemon Juice
40 g Honey


20 g ground Pistachios

1. Grind the walnuts and hazelnuts and add cardamom, cinnamon and staranise to the nutmix.

2. Melt the butter and put one yufka sheet into a baking pan, afterwards spread two tablespoons of butter on it. Then add another layer of yufka and the same amount of butter. Repeat this until you have six layers. Now spread the nut-spice mix on top and repeat the yufka-butter layering with the remaining 6 sheets.

3. Cut the baklava in desired pieces and brush the remaining butter on top. Now bake it for 20-30 min. at 170°C until golden brown.

4. While baking, prepare the syrup. Bring all ingredients to the boil and cook for 5 min. at low heat to thicken a bit. If you like you can add rose water or orange blossom water too but i liked this European interpretation without it very much. Afterwards leave it to chill until the baklava comes out of the oven.

5. Once the baklava is properly baked, add the cold syrup on the hot baklava to soak. Best is the crispy top with a moist heart.

baklava close up


Für 6 Personen


12 Yufka Blätter
200 g  Butter
150 g Walnüsse
150 g Haselnüsse
1 TL Zimt
½ TL gemahlener Kardamom
½ TL gemahlene Sternanis


200 g Zucker
200 ml Wasser
40 ml Orangensaft
¼ Orangenschale
½ Zitronensaft
40 g Honig


20 g gemahlene Pistazien

1. Die Nüsse mahlen und mit Kardamom, Zimt und Sternanis vermengen.

2. Die Butter erwärmen und das erste Yufka Blatt in eine Tart form geben, dann mit zwei Esslöffeln Butter bestreichen. Darauf das nächste Blatt Yufka auflegen und mit der gleichen Menge Butter bestreichen. Nun das ganze wiederholen, bis 6 Lagen übereinanderliegen und darauf den Nuss-Gewürzmix verteilen. Zum Schluss die restlichen 6 Blätter Yufka mit Butter aufschichten.

3. Das Baklava in die gewünschte Größe schneiden, mit der restlichen Butter bestreichen und bei 170°C für 20-30 Min. gold gelb backen.

4. Inzwischen den Sirup vorbereiten. Dazu alle Zutaten miteinander aufkochen und für 5 Min. bei kleiner Hitze einkochen, sodass der Sirup etwas dickflüssiger wird. Wer möchte kann nun gerne noch mit Rosen- oder Orangenblütenwasser nachschmecken, aber mir gefiel dieser frische, etwas europäischere Weg sehr gut. Den Sirup nun bis zur Verwendung abkühlen lassen.

5. Ist das Baklava fertig gebacken, wird es sofort mit dem kalten Syrup übergossen um den Geschmack aufzusaugen. Das beste ist dann die knusprige Oberfläche mit dem saftigen Kern.

pistachios on homemade baklava
homemade baklava
homemade baklava
homemade baklava
baklava close up
homemade baklava

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