Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate top close up

the Lolly

I actually wrote this recipe in the middle of summer, which was quite an odd situation to use such heavy ingredients at a time when everybody screams for salads, ice popsicles and cold drinks. Nevertheless I have to admit that in the end the taste and texture was blending in better then expected. I think this might not be the first time you here of the combination bacon & chocolate but it will be an enjoyable little snack, alone or at your next gathering.

When I presented these lollies to the audience at this years IFA the reaction was just so entertaining. Some brave ones would just snack it away with no hesitation, whereas others would grab a lolly and then go „what was that again?“ and some would look a little disgusted because of the fact that bacon was involved in a sweet snack. Too good to put it in words though. One thing is for sure: it will break the ice and deliver some stuff to talk about.

the Pop

Try out this recipe and discover the full potential of common aromas with a long lasting flavor and texture combination. When being freshly baked and still slightly warm it is just such a blast. The bite is so crispy and chewy in the inside along with a rich chocolate note, some hints of cinnamon and the salty side too it. I could imagine these with a coffee as well as a pre dinner snack or just a party bite. Not everybody will like it as much as I do but this is something to remember for your guest. The preparation can be done prior as you can easily work with your freezer, so get it out for a spontaneous gathering or treat yourself after a hard day. Pop it as you like…

Dark Chocolate
Filling Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies
Filling Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies
rolled up Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies
Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies
Raw Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies
dark chocolate ganache
Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate top

Bacon & Cinnamon Lolly with Dark Chocolate

for 2 persons

Bacon & Cinnamon Lolly:

1 sheet Phyllo Pastry
30 g Butter
30 g Sugar
½ tsp Cinnamon Powder
5 slices Bacon
12 Wooden Sticks

Dark Chocolate:

50 g Dark Chocolate (min. 60% Cocoa)
50 g Cream

1. For the lolly, spread some of the before melted butter on the phyllo and sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on top. Now fold it lengthwise and do the same again: butter, sugar & cinnamon. Then place the bacon on one half of the phyllo and fold it over the bacon while slightly pressing. Again there goes the butter, sugar and cinnamon on top. Afterwards roll it up, starting on the short edge and put the roll in the freezer for 10 min. Now it should be possible to cut 1 cm slices off the roll which then get skewered with the wooden sticks. Bake the lollies at 210°C for 8 min. from each side until golden-brown.

2. For the Chocolate, combine everything at medium heat until creamy.

3. To serve, arrange the lollies on a board and dip them in chocolate before eating.

Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate top close up

Speck & Zimt Lolli mit Bitterschokolade

Für 2 Personen

Speck-Zimt Lolli:

1 Blatt Filoteig
30 g Butter
30 g Zucker
½ TL Zimtpulver
5 Scheiben Frühstücksspeck
12 Holzstäbchen


50 g Bitterschokolade (mind. 60% Kakao)
50 g Sahne

1. Für den Lolli das Filoblatt mit der vorher aufgelösten Butter bestreichen. Darauf etwas Zucker und Zimt streuen und dann der Länge nach einmal falten. Nun erneut mit Butter bestreichen und Zimt und Zucker darüber streuen. Jetzt zur Hälfte mit Speck belegen und den Teig über dem Speck einschlagen und etwas andrücken. Nun erneut mit Butter bestreichen und Zimt und Zucker darüber streuen, dann der Länge nach aufwickeln und die Rolle für 10 Min. im Froster anfrieren. Danach die Rolle in 1cm breite Stücke schneiden, jeweils ein Holzspieß einpieken und die Lollis bei 200° von beiden Seiten ca. je 8 Min. backen.

2. Für die Bitterschokolade, die Sahne mit der gehackten Schokolade erwärmen und glattrühren.

3. Zum Servieren, die Lollis auf einem Brett anrichten und vor dem Essen in die Schokolade dippen.


Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate flat close up
Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate top close up
Bacon-Cinnamon Lollies & Dark Chocolate top

Ben Donath

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