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This Ayran-Black Forest with bacon is definitely not everybody´s piece of cake. Thus for sure it is a one of a kind culture clash. I know it is so contentious, since bacon is not quite the ingredient one would use for cooking in the regions, where ayran is typically served. But why not with a German piece of cake?

Why would I do this?

The idea for this dessert was born a while ago and actually meant to be in my cookbook Bowl Stories, but since the deadline for printing is so close, there was just no time left to wait for the first harvest. I always love to make combinations of rather different things and that is what led me here. Black Forest cake is so German, whereas ayran has a strong connection to Turkey for me. Sure the bacon followed last minute, but these were the basics. I liked to imagine a slightly salty and sour flavor to go with the Kirsch and cherries. In the end I was just missing the extra bit of savory flavor and it occurred to me to use the half used package of bacon in my fridge.


Germany and Turkey are not only good to be on the same plate, but since we live together so close here in Berlin, why not creating an ultimate mix of cultures for a treat.

cold & foamy ayran in copper cup
four cherries on a wooden spoon
kirsch in glass bottle
three slices of bacon on baking sheet

Ayran-Black Forest & Bacon

For 4 Persons

For the Chocolate-Bacon Sponge:

4 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
100 g Brown Sugar
100 g Ground Almonds
20 g Flour
20 g Cocoa Powder
120 g Bacon

For the Ayran Foam:

150 g Ayran
80 ml Milk
40 g Honey
3 pc Gelatin
2 cl Kirsch


20 Cherries
ground Chocolate

1. For the sponge, beat up egg yolks and egg whites separately. Combine brown sugar, ground almonds, flour and cocoa powder. Dice the bacon and fry with a little oil in a pan until crispy. Empty the bacon on a kitchen roll and put 2 tsp aside. Carefully fold the stiff egg whites under the creamy egg yolks. Now add the dry ingredients and bacon. Fill in a cocotte covered with baking paper and bake at 190°C for 20-25 min. It should be still moist.

2. For the ayran foam, soak gelatin in cold water for 10 min. Now squeeze out the water and put it in a pot with the milk. Warm it up until the gelatin is completely melted. Then mix with the remaining ingredients and fill it in a Isi whip bottle. Add one cream charger and put in fridge for 1 hour.

3. For the serving, wash the cherries, cut in halves and remove the seeds. Grind some chocolate on a plate and rip the sponge to random pieces. Now arrange the sponge on the chocolate and add the cherries. Shake the Isi bottle and drizzle the ayran foam randomly in between. To finish sprinkle the bacon on top.

ayran black forest & bacon flat close up

Ayran-Schwarzwälder & Speck

Für 4 Personen

Für den Schokoladen-Speck Biskuit:

4 Eigelbe
4 Eiweiße
100 g Brauner Zucker
100 g Gemahlene Mandeln
20 g Mehl
20 g Kakao
120 g Speck

Für den Ayran Schaum:

150 g Ayran
80 ml Milch
40 g Honig
3 St. Gelatine
2 cl Kirschwasser


20 Kirschen
geriebene Schokolade

1. Für den Biskuit, die Eigelbe und die Eiweiße getrennt voneinander aufschlagen. Die Trockenzutaten vermengen und den Speck in kleine Würfel schneiden. Dann in etwas Öl in einer Pfanne anbraten und anschließend auf ein Küchenpapier zum abtropfen geben. Hiervon 2 TL zur Seite nehmen. Nun erst den Eischnee unter die aufgeschlagenen Eigelbe heben und dann vorsichtig die Trockenzutaten und die Speckwürfel unterheben. Alles in eine mit Backpapier ausgelegte Cocotte füllen und bei 190°C ca. 20-25 Min. backen. Der Biskuit sollte dann noch saftig sein.

2. Für den Ayran Schaum die Gelatine für 10 Min. in kaltes Wasser einweichen und dann ausdrücken. Die Gelatine in einem Topf mit der Milch aufwärmen, bis sich die Gelatine aufgelöst hat. Nun mit den restlichen Zutaten vermengen und in eine Isi whip Flasche füllen. Nun noch eine Sahnekapsel aufschrauben und für 1 Stunde in den Kühlschrank stellen.

3. Zum Servieren, die Kirschen waschen, halbieren und die Kerne entfernen. Die Schokolade auf einen Teller reiben und den Biskuit in Stücke reißen und auf der Schokolade anrichten. Die Kirschhälften dazulegen und den Ayran Schaum etwas schütteln. Diesen dann wild dazwischen dressieren und zuletzt die übrigen Speckwürfel darüber geben.

ayran black forest & bacon landscape shot
ayran black forest & bacon

Ben Donath

Ben was born in 1980 and got first involved in the culinary industry at only 16 years old. He loves to cook simple yet in a distinctive way, traditional but contemporary with a strong focus on quality. His passion for photography made him start Eatery Berlin in 2016...ever since Ben hopes to inspire others through his work.

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