What you should know about it

Here and there on this blog you might encounter advertising. As I sometimes work with selected companies, I am carefully choosing the partners and always keep the following in mind:

  • Eatery Berlin keeps its origin – quality in every way it is presented
  • my point of view is honest and not bought, so I would not work with anybody in the first place leaving me with doubts
  • cooperations could be photography, reviews, social advertising on my channels, events, recipe authoring, journeys or contests
  • brand cooperations are always clearly labeled
  • all links will be provided with the „nofollow“ attribute to each advertiser according to Google´s policy for webmasters. Thus, these links will be not considered in Google ranking and can not be bought

You would like to advertise on my site?

Use this link to get in touch and have a look at my product portfolio.

Ben Donath

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