Ben Donath

Who I am

Where I am from

Born 1980 in Potsdam, I spent my first years in the former GDR. By then with a rather small interest into cooking, as my part definitely was the eating. Looking back I still got a lot of influences of these years. There was not to much variety and if you wanted to make a difference, you had to be creative.

At the age of 16, I started my apprenticeship. My decission was to become a pastry chef and very soon discovered my love for this business. The preparation of food is not just a job. If you don´t really love what you are doing, one can really easy taste it.

The way

I came around a little here and there over the years. Form Michelin starred restaurants to five star hotels. Always practiced and improved my skills, with different chefs and colleagues. This time really was the most valuable, because I took a little bit from everybody I met along the way. Furthermore I could slowly develop my own style.


After twenty years in the culinary industry the essence is simple: FOOD IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE, THEREFORE MAKE IT GOOD.  I chose these words, to be the credo for the Eatery Berlin. A simple rice pudding deserves the same amount of dedication, as it does to cook a fancy menu.

What you will find on this site can be everything, but most of all it will be tasty and honest, so you and your loved ones will enjoy it as much as I do.

Keep on stirring in your pots and pans.

Ben Donath
portrait of Benjamin Donath with apron